Volunteer information

Volunteer information

Student Interpreter Volunteers

Recruitment of Student Interpreter Volunteers (Recruitment has already ended.)

To create opportunities for international exchange for university students, student interpreter volunteers will serve at PR spaces aimed primarily at the press set up near the venue, providing interpretation services during the meeting (expected to be primarily in English).
 To recruit volunteers, universities in the prefecture able to cooperate on this initiative will first be solicited, and these cooperating universities will provide student recommendations, from among which about 30 student interpreter volunteers will be chosen in early August.
 Other details regarding volunteer activities and recruitment are as follows.

 Hours: 1-2 days during the meeting, about 6 hours per day
    (In addition to the volunteering above, 1-2 pre-training sessions are planned between September and October)
 Location: PR spaces set up near the venue aimed at the press
 Number of Volunteers: About 30
 Selection Method: Selection by the Promotion Council Secretariat from students recommended by cooperating universities
 Schedule Until Volunteers Are Chosen:
 (1) June 20, 2023 deadline: Solicit universities in the prefecture willing to cooperate on this initiative
 (2) Late July 2023: Get student recommendations from cooperative universities
 (3) Early August 2023: Decision on student interpreter volunteers (about 30)

*Recruitment of Student Interpreter Volunteers has already ended.